Edge Computing in the Context of Open Manufacturing

This is the second publication from the IoT Connectivity Working Group and it seeks to define a reference application for edge computing in the manufacturing context.  The paper approaches the topic of edge computing from a manufacturing use case perspective with an infrastructural, an application, and an operational viewpoint. An edge computing framework’s core characteristics and components are identified and described. The paper outlines edge computing in a manufacturing setting with a goal of moving the sector towards a common understanding.

See whitepaper in the OMP GitHub repository.

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Semantic Data Structuring Working Group’s  BAMM Specification, BAMM Aspect Meta Model

This is the first publication from the Semantic Data Structuring working group.  The specification serves as an introduction to how an aspect meta model fits into digital twin technology, how an aspect meta model should be structured, and what types of publications this working group will deliver in the future.

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Introduction to the OMP Manufacturing Reference Architecture: General Approach & Design Considerations
OMP’s Manufacturing Reference Architecture (MRA) Working Group outlines their plans for future publications and the features and delivers the foundation to understand the general concept of the MRA within the OMP initiative, its benefits, approach, vision, goals, and scope.

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Insights into Connecting Industrial IoT Assets White Paper
OMP’s IoT Connectivity Working Group discusses common issues and best practices for IoT connectivity in a manufacturing setting.

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