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OMP members discuss pressing industry-wide issues during 3-day online conference

For both C-level executives and engineers working in the manufacturing space, it is undeniable that progress towards digital transformation is a requirement for those who wish to maintain a competitive edge.  However, oftentimes, the path is not clear and technical roadblocks present themselves, slowing progress and affecting the corporate bottom line.  It is with that in mind that Open Manufacturing Platform member companies came together virtually for three days November 17-19 to discuss the most pressing problems presenting themselves across the manufacturing community around Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT), Edge Computing, Data Streaming, Digital Twins, and more.   

During 12 working sessions, OMP members sought to group and define these key issues and brainstorm around how they could be addressed within the OMP and therefore define the next work packages for the coming months.  Participants prioritized the following problem clusters: 

  • Machine interfaces and OPC UA, Edge Platform, Edge Computing
  • Standardizing data streaming from the shop floor to the cloud
  • Reliable DevOps Concepts for IIoT Platforms
  • Simulation of IoT Devices, Process & Machines
  • Semantic Data Modeling 

The following points outline each of the problem clusters and provide visibility into how OMP will address these topics moving forward.  Each highlighted topic in the paragraphs below describes a common issue manufacturing professionals face and that OMP will target in their work program 

Conference findings and planned work

Regarding the OMP BAMM the Sematic Data Structuring Working Group (WG) is preparing a demonstration to give solution developers and data analysts  training on how to implement the concept.

When it comes to machine interfaces and Edge Computing thoughts are around providing best practice examples on how to evolve a brownfield into a modern IIoT Landscape. To prove these best practices, realize PoCs and create demonstrations an OMP Lab might come into place. 

One major discussion topic has been around standardizing data streaming from the shop floor to the cloud and building a trustworthy efficient data stream, to ensure accurate time-sensitive predictions to enable prompt action. The use of standard connectors to integrate legacy systems will play an important role here. Plus, the simulation of devices (IoT, plcs, others) to do integration tests for IT systems connected to a simulation of the real-world devices. 

Completing the conference, members discussed reliable DevOps concepts for IIoT platforms to understand what is the needed organizational structure and processes to set up and operate an IIoT platform. 

Helpful OMP Resources

If you are also engaged in these issues and their challenges, we encourage you to follow OMP’s blog, GitHub repositories, and social media to get updates on our progress as we tackle these topics.   

Contribute to the solutions!

There is always room for companies to join and volunteers to contribute to OMP’s important work! If solutions to these problems are critical to your organization, we encourage you to join the Open Manufacturing Platform. 


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