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OMP’s Semantic Data Structuring Working Group Delivers the first SDK for the BAMM Aspect Meta Model

In June of 2021, the OMP’s Semantic Data Structuring Working Group (SDS WG) delivered an important piece of work in the BAMM Aspect Meta Model v1.0. This first publication from the SDS WG  served as the basis for defining the semantics of the different aspects a digital twin covers. A whitepaper followed in September this year providing an explanation on a broader level how an aspect meta model fits into digital twin technology, common challenges with semantic data, examples on how to use the aspect meta model, and an outlook to future releases.  The publications were well-received, and it soon became clear that our members and followers wanted more!

One of the most common requests we got in regard to the BAMM was for a set of tools and guidelines to help developers implement an aspect model in their own organization.  To this end, we are introducing the SDS SDK.

What is in the SDS SDK?

The SDS SDK gives users everything they need to develop their own BAMM solutions. It contains artifacts and resources for all parties intending to use, extend, or integrate with the BAMM Aspect Meta Model, including solution developers, domain experts, or OEMs.

At its core are elements which help users to work with the BAMM Aspect Meta Model (BAMM), including components to load and validate models and generate artifacts such as static classes, documentation and so on. To fully leverage BAMM, provided components include language-specific meta model implementations, code generators, validators etc. For details, please look into the overall documentation


SDS SDK Structure Example


The SDK includes information on where to get help with the BAMM, how to contribute to the project, and detailed documentation for each component including:

  • SDK Structure
  • Java Core Components
  • Version Handling
  • Artifact Generation
  • Licensing Information

How to access the SDK

The SDS SDK is available in a public GitHub repository within the Open Manufacturing Platform GitHub repository. This repository contains detailed developer documentation ( written in AsciiDoc. The source files (AsciiDoc) are available and located here. They are built using Antora which generates the documentation as HTML files. The BAMM Aspect Meta Model is also available in GitHub.

Access the SDS SDK

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