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Sustainability in Manufacturing – The Open Manufacturing Platform launches a new Working Group

May 31, 2022 – The Open Manufacturing Platform (OMP) is underscoring its commitment to decisive climate action by launching a new working group. The goal of the new Sustainability Working Group is to drive substantial, cost-efficient, and ecosystem-based innovations in the manufacturing industries to support its members in reaching their net-zero goals.  By sharing knowledge, leveraging industry best practices, and using open standards and open source, OMP members will be able to simplify and accelerate the development of their digital IT solutions.

The path to carbon net zero in production is a long-term vision and a challenging goal that manufacturers will have to face in the coming years and decades. The first important step is complete transparency and awareness of greenhouse gas emissions. These are recorded and assessed using established standards such as the Greenhouse Gas Protocol. This includes not only electricity, but also other forms of energy such as steam, compressed air, and heat. The working group, led by long-time associate member Capgemini, will discuss and define measures that can be derived from these findings. With the broad manufacturing know-how of the members, these measures will then be used to optimize production processes in the core area of manufacturing.

Building upon the proven OMP culture of sharing best practices and applying digital technologies the working group will accelerate the race to net zero and help to overcome systematic blockers. “Reaching sustainability goals is only possible in collaboration with all stakeholders in the value chain overcoming data silos not only within a single domain but across domains”, says Sven Hamann, CEO Bosch Connected Industry, and member of the OMP steering committee.

Ralf Blessmann, Head of the Automotive sector at Capgemini in Germany said, “Being data-driven is imperative to create an intelligent and sustainable manufacturing experience. We are committed  to facilitate the joint actions of the OMP members by sharing our deep engineering and digital transformation experience for manufacturing to accelerate the move towards intelligent industry.”


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