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Accelerating manufacturing innovation at scale
through the power of open collaboration

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A global alliance solving critical manufacturing challenges

The Open Manufacturing Platform (OMP) brings together business leaders and technologists from manufacturing companies, technology solution providers, systems integrators and more to drive innovation across the manufacturing community and value chain. We bring forward platform-agnostic solutions, open standards and technologies to enable smart manufacturing, break down data silos, and solve real problems for all of us—regardless of technology, solution provider, or cloud platform.

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“The OMP helps manufacturing companies unlock the potential of their data, implement industrial solutions faster and more securely, and benefit from industrial contributions while preserving their intellectual property (IP) and competitive advantages, mitigating operational risks and reducing financial investments.”

Jürgen MaidlSenior Vice President Production Network and Supply Chain Management at the BMW Group

“The OMP is a key-enabler for us at ZF to further develop our digital manufacturing capabilities to cover current and future requirements to reach the next level of I4.0 maturity.”

Dr. Jürgen SturmChief Information Officer, ZF Friedrichshafen AG

Our Goals

Practical solutions for smarter manufacturing

Improve organizational agility, customer loyalty, and profitability by building practical solutions that solve high-priority challenges that are common across the industry.

Collaboration for faster time-to-value

Solve our talent shortage and use our collective brainpower and resources to solve real problems in production. Tap into the global skillset of experts across the value chain.

New efficiencies and value

Facilitate the reuse of software solutions among the community. Gain better visibility into the full supply chain, equipment performance, and more.

Build the future of manufacturing, today

  • Create new solutions based on open standards that overcome the challenges of complex, proprietary systems and vendor lock-in
  • Safely connect operational technology to the cloud so you can make better data-backed decisions and predictions
  • Contribute to solutions and standards that drive automation and autonomy into production and logistics systems

Help us define the future of manufacturing

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